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St Martin's Curriculum

Curriculum Intent 

Our curriculum, which is underpinned by our six Christian values, extends and enriches the National Curriculum leading to great pupil outcomes.

We plan and teach our rich curriculum so together, we strive, aspire and succeed: our children work with resilience, dream big and flourish. Our vision is that every child experiences a curriculum which develops spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth. Our curriculum is focused on outcomes with the aspiration that every child enjoys success in all areas.

Our aspirational curriculum is designed to ensure all our children learn in our nurturing, happy school. Our curriculum is exciting, engaging, enriching and challenging; allowing children to experience learning in a wide range of contexts. We believe children learn best when they have first - hand experiences and so our children can be seen busy learning, through many different exciting experiences, in the classrooms and around our school. Trips and visits are carefully planned to enhance learning, promote aspiration, and provide the building blocks towards the cultural capital that our children need to succeed in life. 

We prioritise teaching our children to read well and to be numerate. We believe that the acquisition of synthetic phonics knowledge and skills is vital to begin a successful journey as a reader and that reading is the gateway to learning.

Our children have a variety of learning experiences in our extensive, well-appointed grounds. This provision is enhanced through our Forest Schools programme which includes bush craft and bee keeping. Our PE specialist who ensures delivery in this curriculum area is inspirational and as a result we have many successful individuals and school teams representing St Martin’s. Furthermore music, led passionately by our music specialist, flows through our school, enhancing our curriculum.

We are truly inclusive and value diversity. We ensure all members of our community feel welcomed, valued, are represented within the school and achieve highly.  

Subject Stories and Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Subject Stories - Subject Stories, written by our curriculum teams, detail how our six Christian values and school's Vision are manifested within each subject area. They showcase agreed consistencies, how the subject supports the development of children's cultural capital and highlight key successes and areas for development too. These can be found on each of the subject pages. 

Progression of Knowledge and Skills - Within each subject's 'Progression of Knowledge and Skills' document is detailed the carefully planned, progressive curriculum content to be taught in each year group. Our curriculum model is progressive, teaching the knowledge and skills we have identified and outlined for every subject. The footing of our model is to ensure a focus on the key knowledge and skills for each curriculum subject so that children make progress (‘knowing more, remembering more, being able to do more’) and therefore learn (‘a change in long-term memory’).  These can be found on each of the subject pages. 

Year Group Long Term Plans

Click the links below to access our current Year Group Long Term Plans