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Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership Team

The Pupil Leadership Team gives the children an opportunity to have their voices heard and feel part of the school community. To be a pupil leader, you need to have certain skills such as being a good-listener, being unprejudiced and being a good role model. These qualities help us to achieve realistic goals. Pupils who would like to be on the team present a manifesto to their class and are voted in. The elected representatives feedback to their classmates about what has been discussed in meetings and may ask their class for opinions and ideas on the decisions and plans that are in the making.

The Pupil Leadership Team would like to keep you updated on issues that we discuss but we need topics to start with! Please add suggestions to the boxes in each class so that we can have some great discussions that may lead to some fantastic results. 

The Eco Committee

One person is chosen from each class to be a member of the Eco Committee. If you are interested, your duties will include:

  • Eco spying during break and assembly.
  • Making sure Eco Eric is happy at all times (his tail has fallen off once already!)
  • Assisting with recycling.
  • Attending a few meetings during the term.
  • Helping to water the allotment during hot weather.

Let your teacher know if you are keen to help the school stay green.

The Eco-committee are busy ‘eco-spying’ making sure that the things put into our recycling bins should be there and that lights and whiteboards are switched off when the classrooms are not in use. Infant classes are rewarded with 'Eco Bella' and Junior classes are rewarded with ‘Eco Eric’ for being the ‘Green Class of the Week’ - Keep an eye out in the school newsletter to find out who they will be visiting!

Eco Bella and Eco Eric

House Captains

Pupils in the School are divided into four different Houses which plays a part in team activities such as Sports Day. The houses are named Durdans, Hylands, Maidstone and Woodcote and, in Year Six, two pupils are chosen to lead each House. It is the job of your House Captain to demonstrate the attributes and qualities as a pupil at St Martin's and to rally your enthusiasm and House pride throughout the year.

Surrey Youth Games Ambassadors

Surrey Youth Games Ambassadors help to promote the Games within our school. In the past this has included giving assemblies, speaking to classes and helping others to fill in application forms. The main role of a Young Ambassador is to encourage as many people as possible to sign up for the Games as this gives them the chance to try a new sport and represent Team Epsom and Ewell in the finals weekend.

Look to them for SYG updates, information and encouragement in the Summer Term

Year 6 Monitors

In year 6, students are selected to take on the responsibility of certain jobs so they can:

  • Demonstrate their maturity as the oldest students in the school.
  • Be role models for the rest of the school by showing them how to behave.
  • Help ensure the safety of the students as they move around the school
  • Help the teachers be in more than one place.

Remember to respect and listen to the year 6 monitors as they have been selected by the teachers and you may be in their place one day.