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Infant School Admissions - Reception

Thank you for considering St Martin’s C of E Schools for your child's education.

Please note that the St Martin's Pre-School is independently run and is not, nor has it ever been, a factor in determining priority for admission to the Infant School. You should also be advised that, even though we are Federated, children who attend the Infant School will need to apply to the Junior School to move on to Year Three.

If you have any queries regarding admissions, please phone the school office on 01372 846930 or email 

Admissions to Reception in September 2024

For children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020.

If you are considering applying for a Reception place for your child in September 2024, we will be holding tours of the school from the beginning of October 2023. Please see the dates shown below.

The Admissions Policy Infants 2024-2025 on this page entry gives you full information regarding our admission criteria.

To apply for a place for your child to start school in September 2024 you will need to do so through Surrey County Council’s website. You can apply from 30 October 2023.  Application forms and supporting documents must be completed and returned by 15 January 2024.

Book onto a School Tour

All school tours will run from 9am - 10:00am. Please phone the office to book a place 01372 846930.  We will be booking a maximum of 14 adults per tour to make navigating the school easier.  We request that no children attend the tours please and parking is not available on site.

Tour Dates:

  • Wednesday 11th October
  • Monday 16th October
  • Friday 3rd November
  • Thursday 9th November

If these tours book up, we will add additional dates.

Admissions to Reception in September 2024 - Late Applications

For children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020.

The application period for primary, infant and junior schools ended on 15 January 2024 and so subsequent applications will now be classed as a late admission. 

Further information can be found on Surrey County Council's website or by calling 0300 200 1004

Outcome of Application to Reception in September 2024

Further Information will be posted at 7pm on Monday 16 April 2024

Admissions to Reception in September 2024

By now you will have received notification of the outcome of your child’s application for an infant school place for September 2024.

Accepting or Declining your Offer - Once you have been offered a school place, you must accept or decline it by 30 April 2024. If you don't, the offer may be withdrawn. If you applied online you can reply online. If you applied by paper, you will need to return the reply slip by post.
Surrey Admissions strongly recommend you accept the place you are offered, even if this is not for the school you wanted. This will ensure your child has a school place in September. You can then go on waiting lists for other schools or appeal.
If you decline the offer and you have no alternative place you will be responsible for finding your child another school. The place you decline may be offered to another child so may not be available later if you change your mind.

Waiting Lists - We are sorry if your application to St. Martin’s Infant School was not successful. The last place allocated on distance on 16 April 2024 was 1391.42m (0.86 miles)??? from St Martin’s School Infant School.
If St Martin’s Infant School was a higher preference on your form than the school you have been offered your child will automatically be placed on our waiting list. If you did not put St Martin’s Infant School on your preference form but would now like to be placed on our waiting list please contact Surrey Admissions by telephone on 0300 200 1004.  At this stage we are unable to tell you the position of your child on our waiting list; we should be able to provide this information during the first week of May. Your child’s name will remain on our waiting list until the end of the academic year 2024/25 (July 2025).

Appeals - If your child is not allocated a place at our school, you have the right to appeal. The letter you receive telling you that admission has been refused will also contain information on how to appeal. It is advisable to consider alternative schools for your child, as only a very small minority of the appeals that are considered by Appeal Panels are successful. Officers at the Surrey Schools and Childcare Service (Tel No. 0300 200 1004) can assist you with queries on alternative schools in your area. As an academy, our Governing Body is responsible for handling our appeals alongside Surrey County Council. If you wish to lodge an appeal, please visit the Surrey County Council website for full details. Our appeals timetable can be viewed here.

Details on how all Surrey infant, junior and primary school places were allocated will be available on the Surrey County Council's schools directory as soon as possible after the allocation.

If you have any further queries regarding admissions to St Martin’s Infant School please email and we will reply to your email as soon as possible. Please bear with us during this busy time.

Information to provide with your application

If you live inside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas, you do not need to complete the supplementary form.

If you live outside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas but are on the church roll, we ask that you to complete our supplementary information form and return it to the school when you provide your application for a place.

If you are not sure of the boundaries, please click here to see a map. You can also use the Church of England parish finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I apply mid-year for a place at St Martin’s School?

Your application is processed, and you will be offered a place if there is one available.  If we are full in the year group you require, you will be added to a Waiting List.  Waiting Lists are ranked according to each school’s admission criteria.

How will I find out what position we are on the Waiting List?

At the time you are added to the Waiting List we will confirm your position on the Waiting List, but this position can move up and down.  You can then call or e-mail to enquire where you are on the Waiting List.

Can my child go down the list as well as up the list and why?

Your child’s position on a Waiting List may go down as well as up, for example, if other children with greater priority according to the school’s admission criteria are added to the list.

Date of Birth - Intake Dates
  • 1st Sept 2016 to 31st Aug 2017 - Current Year 2
  • 1st Sept 2017 to 31st Aug 2018 - Current Year 1
  • 1st Sept 2018 to 31st Aug 2019 - Current Early Years
  • 1st Sept 2019 to 31st Aug 2020 - start in Sept 2024
  • 1st Sept 2020 to 31st Aug 2021 - start in Sept 2025
Places Allocated on Distances in the Past:

These distances are provided as a guide only and hold no guarantee that we will be able to offer the same distance in the future

  • April 2023, 1.391km (0.86 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2022, 1.553km (0.97 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2021, 1.420km (0.88 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2020, 3.621km (2.25 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2019, 1.771km (1.10 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2018, 1.647km (1.02 miles) PAN 90

Did you know that Surrey County Council has a useful tool to find the distance from home to school? Search Surrey's Find a School tool to find out more

Admissions Policies

Please view the policies below to access the criteria that we use when making a decision in regards to a child acquiring a place at the School.