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In-year admissions

If you need a school place for your child at any other time than the September Reception or Year 3 intake, for example, if you are moving into the area, you will need to apply directly to St Martin's Schools.

How to apply

Please complete Surrey County Council's in-year application form In Year SMA form.

After completing the form please post to St Martin's Schools.  Ashley Road, Epsom KT18 7AD or email to

Your application will be responded to within 2 working days (term time). If we are not able to offer a place, we will include the reason for refusal and details of how to appeal.

Information to provide with your application

If you live inside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas, you do not need to complete the supplementary form.

If you live outside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas but are on the church roll, we ask that you complete our supplementary information form that can be found at the end of this page and return it to the school along with the In Year SMA form.

If you are not sure of the boundaries, please click here to see a map. You can also use the Church of England parish finder.

Current Year Groups by Date of Birth
  • 1st September 2012 to 31st August 2013 – current Year 6
  • 1st September 2013 to 31st August 2014 – current Year 5
  • 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015 – current Year 4
  • 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016 – current Year 3
  • 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017 – current Year 2
  • 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018 – current Year 1
  • 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019 - current Early Years
  • 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020 - start in September 2024

For further details please do not hesitate to contact us School Office: 01372 846930
For further information please look at Surrey County Council's Website or telephone, 0300 200 1004