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Church and Christian Distinctiveness

As Church of England Schools, we place Christian beliefs and values at the heart of all we do. These are expressed in our distinctive vision and mission statement and inform decisions made at every level of leadership, from pupils to Governors. Every person associated with our community is important, not only as a member of our school but as a unique and precious individual within God’s creation. Alongside the emotional, social, moral and intellectual needs of all, we nurture the spiritual aspects of human life such that all children and adults can flourish and experience the fullness of life (John 10:10).

As Church of England Schools, we are fully inclusive and celebrate diversity. We warmly welcome children and adults from all backgrounds and do not assume religious faith. We encourage challenge, through questioning, to help our pupils to develop their sense of self: as individuals, as members of our school and as members of our broader community.

We are part of the 25% of England primary schools with a Church foundation and are supported by St Martin’s Parish Church, within the Diocese of Guildford.